29 Lessons At 29

  1. Things happen for a reason
  2. Health is wealth. Eat well, get enough sleep, and exercise
  3. Read voraciously
  4. Love passionately
  5. Travel if you have the means to
  6. Do what you want to, because life is short
  7. Have goals and work towards them, even if they’re small ones
  8. You can’t force someone to be part of your life if they don’t want to be
  9. Be true to yourself, but improve on the bad bits
  10. No one owes you a living; work for what you want
  11. Appreciate the people around you
  12. Find joy in small things
  13. Practice patience
  14. It’s okay to put yourself first sometimes
  15. Be disciplined
  16. Courtesy is a reflection of who you are
  17. Failure does not mean the end of the world
  18. Be open minded
  19. Appearances aren’t everything, but it matters
  20. Money isn’t everything, but it matters
  21. Never say no to a good soundtrack recommendation
  22. To be better, you have to get out of your comfort zone
  23. Be a person of action, not just talk
  24. Advice should not be given lightly
  25. Have productive hobbies
  26. When overwhelmed, recenter priorities
  27. Forgive, but never forget
  28. Be kind
  29. Cats

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