Noko RM2 Store @ Batu 14 Puchong – Everything For RM2 !

Let me just start this off by saying, videographers / video editors – I admire your skills.  Having worked with people in video, I know how much effort goes on behind the scenes to make that nice little vid that most people would watch for like, a minute or two.

That being said, I had some free time over the weekend and decided to put together a simple ‘video’ for this blog post – it took me like three hours of editing for a 1.40 min vid lol.

I stumbled across a ‘dollar’ store (okay more like 2 dollars) when I was at Hero Hypermarket in Puchong to get my new frames – where everything was going for just RM2 (USD 0.50). That’s insanely cheap! They carry everything from toys and cutlery to snacks, accessories such as sunglasses, gift boxes and wrappers, and other household items.

Watch the video:

**You know how you listen to your own voice on recordings and just go like ew is that me? Haha! 


I enjoyed exploring the food section which had brands I’ve never heard of. The instant noodle corner products were roughly half the size of regular instant noodles, and there were all these cheap biscuits and cookies you don’t normally see in groceries and hypermarkets like Giant, Tesco or Aeon Big. The plastic mugs, containers and jugs were all RM2, although like I mentioned in the video, I don’t think they’d be good for the environment because people are more likely to break them / throw them away without a thought owing to the low price. Also, they had these ‘stainless steel’ knives (also RM2) which had me questioning their authenticity and safety.

On the pro side, I guess having these shops would be extremely helpful for lower income communities as they’d be able to get all these household items for cheap.


**Video made with Windows Movie Maker. Opening template made with Canva. 

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