Review: Breakfast / Lunch +Yogyakarta Kitchen @ Marriott Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta Kitchen is Marriott Yogyakarta‘s all-day dining restaurant, serving both international and local cuisine. Bright, well lit and cheerful, the place is spacious and inviting, with plenty of natural sunlight filtering in through the glass windows.


The Moo and I got to dine here for breakfast, lunch and dinner throughout our stay at the hotel. Here are some highlights 🙂




Yogyakarta Kitchen serves the typical five-star hotel breakfast buffet fare. For a ‘Western’ breakfast, opt for fluffy pancakes with syrup, waffles, beef or chicken sausages and bacon strips, eggs, as well as various cakes and pastries.

My personal favourite (which I had for two mornings in a row) was the Steak and Eggs.


This came highly recommended by the hotel’s marcomm manager – and it was DA BOMB. The sunny side up eggs were perfect, with crisp edges and golden runny centres, drizzled over with a dash of soy sauce. On top, a sizable chunk of grilled steak coated in a savoury sauce, and a crunchy, slightly charred piece of toast. The combination of flavours and textures was pure heaven.


Cold fruit juices to quench your thirst.


Freshly baked pastries such as croissants, rolls and other goodies. Best eaten with a thick pat of butter and jam, or assorted cheese.


Have I mentioned that I friggin’ love Brie cheese?


For those with a sweet tooth, try the traditional Indonesian cakes, or kuih muih.


Or go for more conventional favourites like muffins, tarts and puddings.


One can opt for the buffet lunch, but Moo and I had the ala-carte options on our first day in Jogja.


Moo had chicken noodles, which came served with a thick savoury sweet sauce with a generous amount of chicken meat, egg and veggies. Curiously, the clear soup was served separately, and you add as much or as little as you like. The clear soup mixes with the sauce, creating a flavourful broth.


I had the rice set, which came served with a local specialty – gudeg – a traditional Javanese dish of unripe jackfruit stew. The texture surprised me, as it had a similar consistency to meat strips ala pulled pork. Also in the set was stewed cow skin, egg, and a crunchy side of emping (cracker).


Buffet options: traditional Indonesian salads that you can customise to your liking.




Desserts making a reappearance – but with a greater variety than the lunch /breakfast spread. Instead of plates, they were displayed on a cold marble table with chocolate swirls. I liked the chocolate mousse, which was sweet but light, as well as the lemon meringue tarts and tiramisu.


Too pretty to make the first cut. :/


Noodle bar where you can pick from a selection of fresh veggies and ingredients to go with your noodle soup.


Local dishes that can be eaten with rice.


Do try the penne carbonara, which is cooked to order and served piping hot. I like how generous they are with the bacon bits, and the carbonara sauce was creamy without being cloying, clinging beautifully to each strand of pasta.

Prices for breakfast start from IDR180,000.


Yogyakarta Marriott Hotel Lobby Floor, Jl. Ringroad Utara, Kaliwaru, Condongcatur, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281, Indonesia

Opening hours: 6AM – 10PM

For reservations – Phone: +62 0274 6000888; ext= 1308

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