Review: Blackwood Cafe & Chocolate, Kangar, Perlis

Big city girl that I am, I admit I was a bit on my high horse when I went to Perlis, expecting this boring, quaint little town where shops close at 8 and everyone goes to sleep at 10. I mean, they don’t even have a cinema ffs (Perlisians have to cross the border into another state to catch a movie, all the way in Kedah).

So when our hosts brought us to Blackwood Cafe and Chocolate in Kangar, I was floored (and a little humbled). This is the coolest, hipster-est place ever. If it was in KL there’d be scores of people try’na hog all the Instagram-worthy spots.  But because this is Perlis, the ambience was cosy and quiet – how a good cafe should be.


Visitors are immediately greeted by a warm, colourful blend of knickknacks, from feathery dreamcatchers and mismatched couches to a giant urn/fountain and larger than life kangaroo. Walls are lined with art work and portraits of Perlis royalty, as the shop belongs to a member of the royal family. There is also a shop selling souvenirs such as polo/T-shirts, bags, hats, caps and keychains.


The Crown Prince of Perlis is a big fan of Coca-Cola souvenirs, and you’ll find an extensive collection housed here: Limited edition cans and bottles, Coke paraphernalia, vintage posters and commemorative items, etc.





We paid a visit to the second floor, which is an art gallery that is not yet opened to the public. There was a collection of elephant drawings which looked childish at first, until the manager told us that they were done by real elephants, using their trunks in place of hands. Let there be no doubt about the incredible intelligence and sentience of these creatures. And we call them animals.



Great selection of cakes!


Cutesy decorations ! One side of the wall near the counter was plastered over with Polaroid photos of staff/customers.


Loved the lanterns and the lights juxtaposed against the dark ceiling; it was almost like dining under the stars.


We were ushered into a separate room reserved for functions, surrounded by beautiful paintings done in different styles. There were also bright, colourful traditional wau (kites) on the ceiling.


My Rainbow Crepe looked too pretty to be eaten!


Eat it I did in the end. Tasty and rich, without being cloying. The layers were fluffy yet soft.


Washed it down with a toasty mug of hot chocolate.

If you’re ever in Perlis and thinking about having a nice cuppa at night, Blackwood is a good place to go. There is also a branch in Arau, and branches in Kedah and Penang.


Galeri 28, 6/8 Persiaran Jubli Emas, 01000, Kangar,Perlis

Tel: 0196307579

Business Hours: 12 pm – 11.30 pm


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