Sunday Sketches

*late post

I know I’m always clamouring about how I’m working 24/7, but on rare weekends where I DON’T have actual work to do… I’m bored to death :’D

Decided to clean my room and found an old cache of (expired) eyeliners and nail polish. It was a waste to just throw them out, so I did a little something:



It’s been awhile since I last drew/sketched anything. The thing with me and drawing is that it usually comes in what I call ‘spurts’ ie I’d be super inspired to draw for hours on end, and then have weeks or even months where I don’t feel like drawing anything.



Pencil, ink and crayons.


Bought these ages ago on impulse and barely used them 😀


K done showoff lol.  Hope you guys are having a good week!


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