Sunday Sketches

*late post

I know I’m always clamouring about how I’m working 24/7, but on rare weekends where I DON’T have actual work to do… I’m bored to death :’D

Decided to clean my room and found an old cache of (expired) eyeliners and nail polish. It was a waste to just throw them out, so I did a little something:



It’s been awhile since I last drew/sketched anything. The thing with me and drawing is that it usually comes in what I call ‘spurts’ ie I’d be super inspired to draw for hours on end, and then have weeks or even months where I don’t feel like drawing anything.



Pencil, ink and crayons.


Bought these ages ago on impulse and barely used them 😀


K done showoff lol.  Hope you guys are having a good week!


Happy Year of the Rooster!


Hey everyone!

Tonight is the eve of Chinese New Year, and Chinese families all over the world will be celebrating this special time with family reunions (and scrumptious food!). The year of the Fire Rooster is supposed to be a good year for my zodiac. I guess it’s too early to tell, but we’ll see xD

Anyway, I’ve been dabbling with the Adobe Illustrator programme to make vector art, and for my first ‘project’ after watching some tutorials, I thought of making a cute rooster 🙂 Course, my skills aren’t that good yet so I had to trace it from another image, but with more practice, I hope I’ll be able to make nicer vector illustrations soon. Would be a nice touch to this space and help make my blog entries interesting, no?

Gong Hei Fatt Choi! 🙂

Comic Art Festival Kuala Lumpur (CAFKL3)

Although I like reading manga, I’ve never attended a Con (short for convention): which is basically an event where manga/anime/cosplay lovers can get together, showcase their work and mingle. One of the biggest Cons here in Malaysia is the Comic Fiesta, held annually at KLCC and which attracts thousands of visitors.

Organised on a smaller scale is the Comic Art Festival, which makes a return for the third time this year. Unlike the Comic Fiesta, which features all things related to the manga/anime subculture including music bands, cosplaying and such, the CAFKL focuses mainly on comics and illustration.


I thought it’d be a good experience to attend a Con, and since both the bro and I like reading/drawing manga, I dragged him to CAFKL3 @ MakespaceQuill City Mall over the weekend. The event wasn’t free – we had to pay RM15 for a ‘passport’, which entitled us to an info booklet and an all-access, two-day pass. There were well over 200 booths crammed into the space – even the walls were pasted over with drawings, comics and illustrations. Most of the exhibitors were independent, self-made artists – some drew doujinshi (fan art), while others had web comics or mini-manga series for sale. There were also loads of artsy items, such as posters, stickers, badges, printouts, notebooks and more.


I’ve lost touch with our local comic art scene since I started working (used to be an avid reader back in my college days!) so most of the new names were not familiar to me; but it was still great watching the artists in action. They’re all so talented! Makes my doodles seem like childish scribbles lol. 😡

I once had dreams to be a cartoonist/illustrator. Needless to say, that got crushed. My parents didn’t approve of making it a career, so it became a hobby instead and I took up journalism.

These days, I find I have less and less time to even draw anything. Sigh.



Commissioned arts ! You can pay the artist to draw something for you. Course, most of the stuff doesn’t come cheap, but they do put a lot of effort into creating these works so if you’re truly a fan, it would be worth it.



Forum, featuring Black Jellyfish, a local Chinese cartoonist who uses the Internet as his main medium. I think Facebook plays a huge part in creating viral trends and marketing a webcomic these days, allowing the content to reach audiences like never before.







The session I was really looking forward to was the forum with a bunch of local web comic artists – Abam Apam, Lok Foong, Vulpine Ninja, Min and Hwei. I follow Abam and Vulpine on FB, and I love their witty, humorous comics – especially Vulpine’s social commentary which manages to provoke thought while being funny at the same time.

The group spoke on how they found their audience online, channels that they used, how they dealt with challenges and such.

The forum could have been better conducted –  the moderators weren’t good at asking questions and ‘leading’ the panelists, which was really frustrating because they missed a lot of good points. Nonetheless, it was an insightful session, especially when the cartoonists offered advice to aspiring artists.


Not sure if they’d like to have their pictures public, so I took the liberty of putting cartoon faces. 😀

Did I enjoy CAFKL3? 

There was a lot to see, but I’d only recommend it for die-hard manga fans. Being a casual reader, I got bored pretty fast. I didn’t buy a lot of stuff coz they were very pricey and I couldn’t afford paying more than the Rm15 for entry 😡 I was also disappointed as both panel sessions were badly moderated, awkward and the moderators were not good at prompting, resulting in a lot of uhms, ahs and answers that lari tajuk. lel 

Overall, it was a good Comic-Con experience. Would I go again? Maybeee. I’d like to go to the ComicFiesta once, since they would have more things to see and do, like games, cosplay, music and such. Let’s see how it goes.

Thanks for reading!


Meeting the Doodler of Sketchy Stories – Kerby Rosanes

Have you guys heard of ‘Sketchy Stories’? If you haven’t, you should check it out – especially if you love doodling. The artwork posted on SS’ social media accounts are especially stunning: with its child-like creativity, meticulous attention for detail and quirky subjects.

Anyway, imagine how excited I was when I heard that the man behind Sketchy Stories – a 23 y/o Filipino illustrator by the name of Kerby Rosanes – was in Kuala Lumpur for a meet-and-greet! I headed to the meet at Tropicana City Mall and a little late coz of the massive traffic after work. There was already a crowd of fans milling about at the cafe, where Rosanes was giving out souvenir postcards.


How cute is it!? 

Rosanes is self taught and after catching the eye of several big organisations, has doodled for companies such as Nike, Mazda and Ford.

How I wish I could make a career out of something I love – I hope I can find the courage for it.


I was such a fangirl, lol – I started stuttering and couldn’t do anything beyond asking for his signature T-T

Nevertheless, it was great being able to meet with him! I feel a little more inspired to start working on my own drawings again.

Check out Sketch Stories on Facebook! 

Sketches – Habits


I suck at drawing portraits, so this didn’t quite turn out how I imagined it to be. .___. Sometimes you have the image in your brain, but your hands just don’t have the skill to sketch it out.

Recently, I’ve been addicted to the song Habits by Tove Lo, a Swedish artist whose single has been dominating the charts all over the world. So I decided to draw her based on one of the screenshots from her video.

The eyes are kind of flat-looking.. and the colouring is bad.There’s a lot to work on. I couldn’t shade her jawline either without making it seem like a beard. .___.

I really like this song because I can relate to the lyrics – of how it hurts so much to be left behind by someone you poured your heart and soul into, that you have to ‘stay high’ to forget about missing them. I was an overachiever in school, but I have never had much confidence – because I was bullied by others for not ‘fitting in’ and had strict parents who were never proud of my achievements. To get straight As were a duty, not an obligation.

As a teen, I felt that nobody understood me, least of all my parents (they’re Asian, we don’t have that whole sitting down to talk shit. You either get over stuff or you don’t.) I craved love, and I looked for it in all the wrong places. When I was 15, I had my first ‘love’, who turned out to be a cheater and a liar. Devastated and unable to talk to anyone, I spiraled into this out-of-control phase of self-harm. I was cutting myself, I jumped from one relationship to another to ‘forget’.. but I was never happy even though outwardly I was laughing and smiling. This lasted until my late teens, when I finally met my ex, CK, whom I dated for five years. He was a pillar of strength in that time, but I fucked it up because I felt that I didn’t deserve good things. He’s a nice guy, and I treated him very badly. To this day, I feel sorry for it. After our breakup, it was back into that self-destructive cycle. I tried a few more relationships, none of which worked out.

I’m 24 now and although it has been a turbulent few years, I feel like I’ve finally found stability. I met someone who really cares for me, who loves me even though I was so broken, who pieced all the broken little pieces together and mended it.

To those who are going through the same experience, take it from me that it gets better. You don’t have to hurt yourself over people who probably wouldn’t care one way or the other. You can’t love others if you don’t love yourself first.

Enough emo blogging though.



Sketches – Bunga Raya / Gumamela

Ever since I started working, I haven’t had much time to touch my pens – either because I was too tired or too lazy after a long day running around looking for stories. I picked them up again recently and realised how much I’ve missed drawing just for the fun of it.

Here’s my latest work! *PS: I am by no means a professional artist, nor have I gone for any training/classes.. so don’t be too harsh on it mmk?

Bunga raya (hibiscus flower), the Malaysian national flower. It comes in various shades, but the most common ones I see are  in red. I like it coz the petals are soft and wide, with a long stalk in the middle. When the wind blows, they look just like pretty skirts dancing in the breeze. I showed E and he said it’s called gumamela in the Philippines, where children use the sticky sap to dip into papaya stalks as straws to blow bubbles.

It’s great to pick up a pencil and draw again. Since I was a kid, drawing has always been my first love, but I never got to pursue it professionally because my parents, like most Asian families, didn’t think much of it as a career. In high school, my brother and I were avid manga lovers and we loved drawing comics and manga. I even sold them to my friends, which went towards pocket money funds. But my mum, probably super frustrated that the two of us were gonna end up ‘failures’ because we seemed more interested in sketching than studying, flew into such a rage one time that she tore up some of our sketches. We didn’t sketch so openly at home after that.

In college, I took up journalism. It wasn’t my first choice, but since I liked writing, it was better than being forced to study accountancy (which was my family’s choice). Some Asian parents seem to have this notion that accountancy, law, medicine or engineering are the only careers out there that will guarantee you won’t starve to death. Common advice – “You want happy? Happy won’t put food on table, happy won’t pay your bills.”

I often wonder where I’d be now if I had taken up my original love for illustration as a career path. One of my high school friends did and while I don’t think she’s very well-off in terms of material wealth, I think she’s happy. Her story is probably one of the reasons why my parents don’t like art. But at the same time, I wish they had believed in me enough to let me try. Who knows?

Happy Deepavali!

It’s Deepavali (or Diwali as it is known in some other parts of the world), which is the festival of lights for Hindus. My neighbours were letting off fireworks earlier, but it started raining a few minutes ago. >-<

Here’s a kolam-inspired peacock sketch that I did in the evening. Took me an hour to draw and colour … I haven’t had much time to draw stuff these days. Happy Deepavali to those celebrating it! 🙂

Happy Dog Days and Whatnot.

Was pretty much hyperventilating last weekend because….
My bestie Grace is back from Singapore! Haven’t seen her since last year and I miss her like mad. ❤ She’s gotten so skinny though, apparently Singapore is a hectic, hectic place.

Went to pick her up at her place and to pet her rabbit Papaya, which by the way, is the size of an actual, very large, papaya. After picking up Celine from her house, we made our way to Rockfish Noodle Bar at Boulevard for some omnomnom.

I love the decor here. I want my house to look like this. Warm tones blending with dark walls, vintage art,  wooden furniture and a dash of colourful pillows.

Western Tea in the middle of the afternoon. I have never tried Hoegaarden (yes wtf I’m 21 years old and I don’t drink beer) so I had a sip from Grace’s. I would say that it tastes better than a lot of other beer, not so bitter and much smoother in texture. But beer is still not my thing. I love milk. :3

Grilled black pepper pork chop. The sauce was awesome but the pork was a little too fatty.

Cheese over fish and chips. The version here is not overly oily like in most places so it was okay. Comes with a side of salad, fries and tartare sauce.

We then hung out at Celine’s place. She’s taking Illustration, so she showed us some of her artwork. And bam, I was mindblown. Here are some of her works.

Grace and Celine. Man, now I feel like I don’t wanna draw anymore, mine is ugleh as hell. ;_____;

Apparently this was drawn using colourpencils and crayon wtf how does anyone even make detail like that wtf wtf.

We also made friends with her two toy pommies, Snowy and Browny!

Snowy, the bitch. Literally. She was really jealous of the attention we gave Browny and whenever we wanted to pet Browny, she would forcibly squeeze her way underneath our hands so that we were petting her instead. And boy is this an attention whore. Climbed up onto my lap and sat there so that I would pet her lol.

I love Browny. He has this pair of adorable puppy brown eyes and his fur is just so zomgs nice to touch. And he’s so much more obedient. :3


Cute girl and cute dog. D’aw.