Review: Where to Stay in Betong, Thailand – Butterfly Princess Hotel

For a relatively ‘small’ border town, Betong has a surprising number of hotels – mostly catering to locals going south for weekend trips, as well as Malaysian tourists. While the establishments are nothing fancy, one can find decent two to three-star places that are clean, safe and value for money. During our recent trip, we stayed at one called Butterfly Princess Hotel. 

Located about 1.5km from the town centre, the hotel may not be the most central, but it is still convenient as there are convenience stores and loads of eateries nearby. The facade (which I forgot to take a pic of lol) sports a neat and simple design, and there is parking at the back of the building. One plus point for Malaysian travelers : they have Mandarin-speaking and Malay-speaking staff on duty so checking in was a breeze with no communication problems.

Lobby area with couches and some reading material, Malay/English newspapers included. There were two clocks, indicating the local Thai time and Malaysian time (one hour ahead).

Moomikins and I shared a room, which had twin beds and a balcony facing the back of the building. I was impressed by how spacious it was. A dressing table and mirror aside, there was also a wooden desk, mini fridge, closet and couch/chairs. The TV had an impressive 50+ channels, which included Malay/Indonesian, Thai, Chinese and English. The only thing is…they dubbed over most of the channels in Thai with no subtitles >_<

The toilet came with basic toiletries (the packet kind) and a bathtub. For a two star hotel, having a bathtub is pretty luxurious !

The mattresses were not too soft, which was great for sleeping. As much as I like soft beds, they’re terrible for posture and I always wake up with a sore back. If you need extra pillows, there are some in the closet. Everything was nice and most importantly, clean. The phone came in handy to call the bro and Pops in the other room because we only had to press the room number.

View from balcony, facing a quiet street and some hills.

The hotel has an in-house cafe which serves meals up to the room. Forgot to pack the essentials? Those are also provided for a fee. Note the last item 😀 Now that’s service!

Moomikins and I went down to the Mezzanine floor to check out their massage services. For 300 baht (about RM38) you can get a foot or a body massage for an hour. Not sure why the prices are the same, since foot tends to be cheaper. There’s Wifi so you can surf while getting your feet pampered. They also serve you tea.

Our two night stay was comfortable and cost only RM100 per night. It’s hard to beat the value for money offered by this small but clean hotel. The only drawback would be its slight distance from the town centre, but if you’re driving it should not be a problem.


188 Prachathipat Road, Betong, Betong District, Yala 95110, Thailand

Phone: +66 73 230 888

Bookings available on, 


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