Fresh Goods and Hearty Homemade Meals @ Mansfield Produce Store, Mansfield Victoria, Australia

Hey guys! So this is my last entry for the Victoria, Australia blog series. Sorry it took so long in between posts; I kind of forgot this was still lying in drafts. ._.

My last stop on the Victoria Food and Wine Trail across parts of southeastern Australia was to a quaint little tourist town called Mansfield, about 180km from Melbourne. Like many settlements across Aus, it was founded in the 1800s and was named after an English town of the same name. Formerly dependent on farming and logging, it now acts as the support town for the popular ski resort, Mount Buller.

One of the town’s main ‘attractions’ is the Mansfield Regional Produce Store – or simply the Produce Store as it is known to locals. Built in 1895, the place retains a charming, vintage vine with high rafters and wooden beams. Decor is given a modern touch with paintings by local artists adorning its walls. The owner, Dean, is very supportive of the local arts and culture scene. Aside from the paintings, which are for sale, there are various knickknacks, local handicrafts and items such as handmade soap at the back of the store, and the outlet also hosts events like open mic /jam sessions on weekends.

Visitors will be greeted by a warm and cosy scene (a little cluttered, but charming all the same) once they enter the shop. One side is lined with shelves of local produce and goods, from sauces and nuts to candy and snacks. Staff bustle about behind the counter, where the day’s specials are written on blackboard menus. Chairs and tables don’t match; there are some old looking cupboards and a mishmash of deco that includes lanterns and a bicycle hanging from the ceiling. The vibe is more eclectic-home-space than an actual store.

Paintings for sale, done by local artists.

Was very tempted to get this lol.

More shelves of neatly packed goods  – perfect as gifts or souvenirs.

Further back is where they stock a variety of wines from the King Valley region, including some brands that we tried on the Food and Wine Trail, namely Pizzini Wines and the Ladies who Shoot Their Lunch series.

Foodstuff isn’t the only thing they have in store: there are also quirky little items like bags, shawls, accessories, handmade soaps and the like.

The less explored back of the store, filled with vintage treasures. Fancy a feathered lamp?

Bought some soap and scented candles to take home as souvenirs.

It was high time for brunch, so I ordered a dish of sausages with a slice of baguette and perfectly poached eggs, served with a tomato relish. The sausages were really juicy and flavourful, while the eggs were perfectly done and the relish gave the dish a tangy, appetisingly sweet/sour kick. Everything was fresh and tasty – no frozen food stuff here.

Food: 8/10

Ambience: 8/10

Service: 8/10 (be prepared to wait on busy days like weekends)


68 High St, Mansfield VIC 3722, Australia

Business hours: 8.30AM – 5 PM


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