Way Modern Chinois, Clearwater Damansara Heights


Where does this open to?

No, it’s not a regular lift door. This is actually the entrance to Way Modern Chinois, a restaurant offering Chinese banquet food with a twist, served in a cosy, modern setting. A push of the button and guests are taken to a cool, classy-looking interior, with long mirrors, sleek wooden tables and dark furniture.


Came here for a Chinese New Year buffet luncheon organised by Corum. To get into the CNY mood, the resto had been decorated with pretty red and white lanterns, while the tables were scattered with Mandarin oranges, fortune cookies and fresh flowers.





20170106_123422-tile   20170106_130346-tile

Long wooden chopsticks, to be used for yeesang tossing later.  20170106_131223-tileNo CNY meal would be complete without the customary ‘lou sang’ or yeesang tossing. A Teochew-style raw fish salad, the dish is unique to ethnic Chinese communities in Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Ingredients usually include raw fish, fried crackers, crunchy snacks, pomelo, sesame, jellyfish, onions, condiments and sauces.

As the pronunciation for ‘fish’ sounds similar to ‘abundance’, yeesang is considered a symbol of abundance and prosperity, and therefore eaten during the New Year. Diners ‘toss’ the yeesang while speaking well wishes aloud – the higher the toss, the better. It can get quite messy!


The yeesang had a nice combination of sweet, sour and salty flavours, and various textures, from soft and fresh salmon slices to crunchy condiments. Fish and plum sauce tied everything well together. 🙂


Appetiser was Trio Dimsum Combinations. The first two, XO Prawn Dumpling and Treasure Pouch, were beautifully served on a flat plate with a smattering of creamy sauce. The orange skinned prawn dumpling was topped with what seemed like smoked bacon rinds, enveloping fresh and bouncy shrimp on the inside.

Instead of dumpling skin, the Treasure Pouch used a whole cabbage leaf, wrapped around diced meat and veggies. Not my favourite though, coz I don’t like cabbage. xD


The Rose Wontons were so beautifully presented that everyone went ‘Oooh’ when it came to our table. Made to look like flowers, each crispy golden wonton was skewered on a stick with a leaf, its ‘petals’ painstakingly painted over in bright red chilli sauce.



Elixir of Youth soup, a nourishing concoction of shark spine bones, double boiled in chicken essence and bokchoy, which was milky sweet. It’s supposed to be good for the skin since the bones contain lots of collagen.


The mains: Red Duck with Jelly Fish. Loved the contrast of the cold, slightly chewy jelly fish versus the warm and salty duck meat, topped with thin and crispy skin with a beautiful layer of fat in between. One of the best dishes of the afternoon imo. 20170106_143038-tile

Deep Fried Cod Catch with Honey Mirin. Like the delicate little fried lotus roots and crunchy asparagus. The fish was soft and supple, but the sauce was too sweet and sticky, which overwhelmed the natural flavour of the seafood.


Stir-Fried Prawn with Premium Soy Sauce. Coated in fragrant soy sauce, the prawns had a crisp batter on the outside, whilst retaining its moisture and juiciness on the inside.


Crunchy fried chicken thigh (no hassle of bones!) – crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside.



G-1, Work @ Clearwater, Changkat Semantan, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

+60 3-2095 1118

Opening hours: 12PM – 3PM, 6PM – 10.30PM (closed on Mondays)


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