Big Bad Wolf Sale 2017, The Mines Convention Center


I think I have compulsive book buying disorder. 

… there’s no such thing, I just made that up. xD They should have a term for it though – that high feeling when you buy new books and smell the pages. Euphoric.

Yes, yes, I know I’ve said I’m not going to buy new ones until I’ve finished my previous purchases, but the call proved too strong for me to resist.

So it was that I found myself at the annual year end Big Bad Wolf Sales at Mines International Convention Center in Seri Kembangan. From 9 to 19 December, the place will be open 24 hours – so you can shop at any time of day (or night!). There are loads of choices, from fiction to non-fiction, children’s books, Chinese/Malay language books, biographies, encyclopedias, references and more at up to 70% off. Granted, the prices are higher than before (now books cost Rm10 and above; a couple of years back they were RM5-8), they are still way cheaper than bookstore prices.


My haul this time around – a good mix of horror, historical fiction and drama. I’ve already started reading Ha Jin’s War Trash. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish these and not add them to the growing list of books I have but haven’t read xD

If you’re looking for a bargain sweep, head on down to Mines for the BBWSale 2017! It ends on December 19.


2 thoughts on “Big Bad Wolf Sale 2017, The Mines Convention Center

  1. Hi… i was browsing for the book, The Constant Princess and came across this posting. Are u by any chance wanting to sell the book? Lemme know.. thanks!


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