Mundane Mondays – Playlist

Hello, fellow mundys !

Work is piling up, but I’m procrastinating. I know I can get it done early, but I just choose to leave it to the last minute. I think I’m a masochist, willingly putting myself through torture. 😀

So while I try to get into the mood (for work),  let me share some great gems that have been on my playlist of late:

Hippie Sabotage – Options 

“My idle hands lead to evil thoughts, That’s what I was told

I see a devil tryna creep on up, Ain’t gon get inside my soul” 

Remy Zero – Save Me 

“Somebody save me
Let your warm hands break right through it
Somebody save me
I don’t care how you do it, just stay, stay
C’mon, I’ve been waiting for you” 

Most peeps my generation will remember this tune from Smallville. Used to be obsessed with the song, but it somehow slipped my mind over the years until one of my friends picked it to sing at a karaoke recently. Good memories.

Tyler Burkhart – What’s This Trouble 

“Well I’m just trying to get by; spark my lazy, idle mind
Staring at the walls again, chopped in half by ceiling fans
There’s no letters in the mail; all the bread is going stale
What’s this trouble all about? Guess I’ll have to wait it out” 

Phony Ppl – Why iii Love the Moon 

“Real Love’s so hard to find, just when you think you’ve found it 

The illusions in your eyes, it blinds us all 

So be Careful where you look for love” 

One of those songs for cruising around at night. Hm.

James Bay – Let It Go 

“From throwing clothes across the floor
To teeth and claws and slamming doors at you
If this is all we’re living for
Why are we doing it, doing it, doing it anymore?”

Heard this on the radio a couple of times, but only looked it up recently and got completely hooked. It has been on repeat constantly since last week. One of those songs that reminds one of regrets and loneliness.


Have you ever wondered where your life is headed? Right now everything is so uncertain.. but I guess the old Chinese adage goes that the ship will right itself when it arrives at the harbour. On a happier note, lots of travelling in December – Manila and Sabah, and then Taiwan in February.


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