Escape the Fate Live in Malaysia 2016 @ KL Live

Four years.

Four years since I last attended a concert (not counting Urbanscapes, it’s The Cranberries at Stadium Merdeka back in 2012).

Dayum I feel old. I guess my headbanging days are well and truly over….


…until I saw that Escape the Fate was coming to Malaysia! 🙂

This rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada consists of Craig Mabbit (of Blessthefall and The Word Alive fame), Robert Ortiz (drummer), TJ Bell (rhythm guitarist and vocalist), Kevin “Thrasher” Gruft (lead guitarist) and touring musician Max Georgiev (bassist). Over the years, the line up has changed, so Ortiz is the only original founding member of the band. Their current sound, to me, falls along the line of bands such as Sleeping with Sirens and Avenged Sevenfold (post hardcore/emo/screamo/hard rock).

I roped a friend to go along with me to the show at KL Live. Traffic was super bad that evening, was almost late to the show. When we got there though, the place was painfully empty… ._.


KL Live’s venue is divided into an upper mezzanine floor which looks down into the ‘mosh pit’ area. The ‘crowd’ upstairs was ONE row of people leaning over the railing, so we had a pretty clear view. But since there weren’t many people, it meant that we were easy pickings for the overzealous ushers – first they said we couldn’t take videos, then decided that we couldn’t take any pictures as well. So I don’t have any photos of the band performing .__.


Opening act (forgot the name, sorry :P)! They did their best at getting the ‘crowd’ warmed up, but all in all the crowd that night wasn’t very enthusiastic  – I think my friend and I were the only ones really going full head bang (on the second floor, at least). It was livelier downstairs.

You know lah, Malaysians are quite shy xD  

ETF came out and played an awesome hour-long set – including some of my favourites like Remember Every Scar and Hate Me, but also quite a number of songs from their older albums that I didn’t know (I only started listening to them recently). But they had a nice balance of high energy tracks mixed with mellower, sing-along songs.


D and I after the show.

20161013_220123-tile 20161013_223052-tile

Got hungry coz haven’t had dinner yet before jumping straight in to the show, so we walked about 15mins to Bukit Bintang for McDonalds.

This is just a random post to remind me years later that I once went for an ETF show.

Til next time! 🙂


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