Escape the Fate Live in Malaysia 2016 @ KL Live

Four years. Four years since I last attended a concert (not counting Urbanscapes, it’s The Cranberries at Stadium Merdeka back in 2012). Dayum I feel old. I guess my headbanging days are well and truly over…. …until I saw that Escape the Fate was coming to Malaysia! 🙂 This rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada consists of Craig Mabbit (of Blessthefall and The Word Alive … Continue reading Escape the Fate Live in Malaysia 2016 @ KL Live

Judgmental Bitches

You know what? I’d rather be those that you label as ‘thugs’, ‘baddies’, ‘sluts’ or whatever. Those you judge based on appearances because they like to dress and act out their youth and to whatever they want and not give a goddamn about what people like YOU think. I’ll take them over your average, well-dressed suit and necktie fellow any day. Because those are usually … Continue reading Judgmental Bitches