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Tokyo Street, Pavilion KL


There’s a not-so-little enclave tucked at a corner of the top floor at Pavilion KL, themed after all things Japanese. Dubbed Tokyo Street, the area houses stalls, pop-up stores, restaurants and shops with popular items and the latest trends from the Land of the Rising Sun.

20160929_182210-tile 20160929_182226-tile

For those who wish to soak in the Jap-feel, there are props to take pictures with. Colourful posters of young girls in ‘cosplay’-style Kimonos are matched with wooden frames and lamps. There is a model of a Japanese crane, a popular cultural icon.


Some of the other props – a Portrait of a Buddha statue, a temple amid flowering sakuras, drums.


A pink Yukata/robe.

20160929_182239-tile  20160929_182300-tile

The shops are done to look like traditional wooden storefronts. They sell souvenirs, bonsai trees, plants, clothing, stuffed toys and many more.

20160929_182339-tile 20160929_182439-tile

The area in the center carries accessories, phone cases, cutesy shit, stationery, bags, dolls, arts and crafts stuff.

20160929_182618-tile 20160929_182659-tile

Japanese anime/cartoon characters in the form of stuffed toys. You’ll find well-loved figures like the Pokemon series, Totoro, and Doraemon.


Cutesy plants in little pots.

There are also a couple of snack places selling crepes/ice-cream, a hotpot shop and a ramen/udon place. Tokyo Street is a nice spot to hangout at and chill for a bit if you’re ever in Pavilion Mall. 🙂




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