Classic Afternoon Tea @ Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur

Oh, hello darlings. What lovely weather we have today, don’t we?  


Sorry.  It’s just that when I think of afternoon tea, I imagine small British ladies in color-coordinated dresses and matching top hats. Ha.


I am not British, and I went dressed in T-shirt and jeans – but I did get to enjoy a scrumptious Classic Afternoon Tea at Sheraton Imperial Hotel Kuala Lumpur. At RM84++ per pax, the meal came with a 3-tier set laden with snacks, pastries and tea-time goodies, a pot of TWG tea, and a selection from the mini buffet.


TWG is well known for its fine teas sourced from all over the world.

Expensive teas are lost on me because I can’t tell the difference. I could feel my editor rolling her eyes at me when I went for the most ‘common’ one I could find on the menu, namely Earl Grey.

Well, the tea was certainly fragrant and had a soft, velvety feeling on the tongue.


The first tier had fluffy lemon meringue tarts, raspberry tarts and sweet macaroons. Big thumbs up to the pastry chefs at Sheraton because the tarts had amazing texture, and the flavours weren’t too sweet.


I like desserts, but savoury is more my thing – and I loved these refreshing salmon and egg sandwiches. The salmon was fresh and rolled with just a dollop of mayonnaise and caviar for that slight saltiness. Fresh lettuce and tomato pulled everything together.


Nothing like Scones with raspberry jam, marmalade and fresh cream to go with an afternoon tea. I almost stuck my pinky out while holding the cup.


The tier was already quite filling, but they also have a mini buffet of cakes, tarts, cupcakes and all sorts of sweet things – how could I miss out?




Went back repeatedly for marshmallows with the chocolate fountain.



Some of these look too pretty to be eaten.





The cosy Pavilion Lounge. While you’re enjoying the tea, a pianist plays some soothing tunes.


Had some savory chicken pies, mushroom tarts and fried veggie balls to go with my chocolate cake.

Considering that most hotels charge Rm100 and upwards for hi-tea, the offer at Sheraton is a steal. Food is yummy and there’s a good selection of desserts too.

Sheraton Imperial Hotel KL Afternoon Tea is available daily from 2PM -5PM at RM84 nett per person. Reservations are recommended by calling  03- 2717 9027
Pavilion Lounge
Mezzanine Floor,
Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur, 50250 Malaysia

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