Cremelin Pattiserie, Bandung Indonesia – and Meeting up with Liv !

The last time I met up with my Indonesian friend Liv was on her trip to KL two years ago. So this time around, she got to play tour guide! 🙂



Liv came to meet me at the hotel. She came on a bike, and I didn’t want to waste money on a cab, so I hopped onto the back seat. I was a bit worried since there was no extra helmet and the traffic’s crazy, but life’s short… you gotta live, right? haha.

Riding around Bandung at night was an interesting experience. There was a slight drizzle and the weather was cool enough to warrant a jacket. I saw first hand how expert the locals are at maneuvering the roads – she basically weaved and squeezed the bike through traffic, sometimes with only inches to spare.


Her recommended cafe was a place called Cremelin Pattiserie. They just opened earlier this year. Aside from desserts and cakes, they also have Western dishes. The interior is cosy with lots of solid colours on white.




Hot tea on a cold day always hits the spot!


Liv’s dish, I forgot what it was.. but the fries were nice. The thin, crispy kind, lightly salted. The poached egg on her sandwich was simply beautiful.


I had the Russian Tefteli Pork. Shaped into balls, the pork was deep fried to crunchy golden perfection whilst retaining its moistness on the inside. The scrambled eggs were fluffy and drenched in a light creamy sauce, while the salad was tossed in an appetising balsamic vinaigrette. They weren’t stingy with the portions either. Thumbs up.

It’s a shame I didn’t get to try more dishes and their cakes. Perhaps the next time I’m in Bandung. 🙂

Cremelin Pattiserie and Coffee

Jl. Abdul Rivai 3A Bandung 40171

Tues-Sun : 7.30am-10pm

Closed on Mondays

On another note, it was great catching up with Liv! The Internet is such an amazing thing; it has allowed me to forge friendships and relationships with great people around the world. Which is great, because I have a tour guide whenever I visit some place 😛


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