Heaven Is The Big Bad Wolf Sale 2016 at One City USJ


…to a bibliophile like me, at least! What better place to spend eternity than to be surrounded by books? 😛 

Even so, I’ve avoided coming to the annual Big Bad Wolf sale for the last two years, simply because I have so many unread books in my library. The temptation proved too much to resist this time around. I found myself at One City USJ in Subang, where the Wolf will be having a 12pm-12am sale everyday from now til June 26. 


Who says Malaysians don’t like reading? I say we’re pretty avid readers (or at least book buyers!), judging from the regular Big Bad Wolf sales held several times in a year, which always draws huge crowds.

What’s so special about the BBW Book Sales? 

  • Books go for as low as RM8 (2$). Not just old books but new titles as well!
  • The books are in good condition. No dog-eared, second-hand stuff.
  • Great selection with thousands of titles in a variety of genres.
  • More savings: Regular titles at bookstores will cost RM35 and above.
  • Rebates: If you sign up as a member, you immediately get 5% off, and you can use that for future BBW events too.


Past BBWs were held at the Mines Convention Center and were usually done at the end of the year. Since this is like a mini, mid-year sale, there weren’t as many books – but still more than one can handle !

Books were sorted according to genres and authors in alphabetical order: a vast improvement from previous years. Back then they only labeled it by genre, making it hard to find titles. There were also trolleys for people to put their books in.


The first floor was dedicated to general fiction, fantasy/sci-fi and horror (still a small selection…Malaysians prefer reading romance novels? lol), romance, literature and graphic novels.

20160617_174224-tile 20160617_180058-tile

The second floor had children’s books, cookbooks, self-help, health and nutrition, non-fiction, architecture, photography and more categories.


Just before exiting, there was also a section dedicated to stationery with some pretty nice notebooks!


10 books for just over RM100! 🙂

The Big Bad Wolf Sales is happening from now until June 26 at One City, USJ Subang from 12pm to 12am daily. Great place to fill up your library and get quality books at low, low prices.

**My only complaint? They allowed too many credit card companies in. Was constantly assailed by people asking me if I wanted to sign up, when all I wanted to do was browse for books to buy in peace. It got very annoying after I was approached by 5 different companies, some by the same people who had asked me that like 15 minutes before lol.




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