Where to Eat Yong Tau Foo in Puchong – Kedai Mee Siew, Batu 14 Puchong

When talking about Yong Tau Foo in Puchong, one immediately thinks of the famous Batu 14 stalls near SJK(C) Han Ming. There are, in fact, two stalls right next to each other, but the fam and I always frequent Kedai Mee Siew, which is the one in the house that has been converted into a restaurant. Why? Well, the other used to be good but ever since those two siblings who manned the kitchen subbed the cooking out to foreign workers, the taste just wasn’t the same.


A testament to its popularity – the place is almost always packed with customers. There is indoor and outdoor seating, nothing fancy, no air conditioning.


Yong Tau Foo or Yong Liew translates to ‘stuffed tofu’ or ‘stuffed items’. Beancurd sheets, round beancurd, tofu, vegetables such as okra, chilli and eggplant are stuffed with fish paste, before being fried or served in a soup. It is often eaten with chilli or sweet sauce dip. Some outlets also serve fried wantan/dumplings.

Mee Siew is also famous for their curry mee and curry wild boar.


How to order – there will be two big baskets filled with different goodies – beancurds, veges, etc. Just pick the ones that you want on a plate and they’ll stuff it and fry/cook it on the spot. Nothing tastes better than fried yong tau foo fresh out of the wok! 🙂


I like the items at Mee Siew better because it’s fresh and doesn’t have that recycled oil taste (which is common in restos that reuse their cooking oil). They also stuff the items generously: the fish paste is smooth and bouncy, while the outside is crisp and crunchy. My favourites are the beancurd sheets, char kuey (Chinese crullers) and deep fried dumpling.


The soup is pretty good too, and comes loaded with veggies so you feel less guilty about stuffing your face with fried stuff lol.


Each piece of yong tau foo costs about Rm1.20, so it can also be a value for money meal.

KEDAI MEE SIEW / Puchong Batu 14 Yong Tau Foo 

Jalan Besar, Kampung Baru Puchong, Batu 14, 47100 Puchong, Selangor.

Open for dinner.

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