So if you guys don’t already know yet, I’m looking for a new job.





As some a-hole recently pointed out to me, and I admit he had a point, it doesn’t look good on my portfolio to be switching jobs again, when I’ve only been at my current workplace for less than a year. So why am I taking the leap again?

I’m a pretty chill person to work with (or so people say), so if I’m leaving, it must be because I have really exhausted all avenues and reasons to stay. Let’s just put it that way.

Anyway, I’m feeling a turmoil of emotions right now. On one hand, I really don’t feel like staying a moment longer, but on the other, I’m uncertain about the future. I have commitments that can’t be shelved for too long.  Of course, I trust my skills and my ability to land another job eventually…but what if I don’t? What if it’s worse than before? What if I can’t handle it? I know it’s useless to let these things drive you crazy, but sometimes it’s hard not to think of them.


I just finished reading Under the Dome by Stephen King (review up soon!), and am starting on an autobiography of the Chinese dowager empress, Cixi. I need to clear some books – they’ve been lying around for over a year, untouched. lol



Was watching TV the other day and I was fiddling with a pen. There was no paper so I doodled on my knee instead. It looked pretty legit, passable as a tatt, after I slapped an instagram filter on it, haha.


The day after, I doodled a hamsa. Would actually be pretty cool if I had a real one on my forearm.


This is a real tatt lol.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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