Last Day


What would you do if it was your last day on Earth?  


Just a random thought that crossed my mind. 

I’d probably spend it with my family, and tell them I love them all very much.

The me before was too caught up with work, thinking that I had to sacrifice my time and my weekends for the sake of the job. If my boss asked me to do something (even if it meant giving up time with family) I’d never say no, because I always thought there’d be a next time for the fam.  I spent certain ‘special’ days, like Mothers’ Day, working. And it’s something I regret, because the time I’ve lost with them will never come back. These days, family always comes first for me and I find myself much happier even if it means I don’t have that much money to splurge on things I want.

We never know when we’ll be gone. Things happen. The most we can do right now, at this moment, is to make the best of it and live a life of no regrets.


Love, and live. 



Also, this music video.


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