Elyss’ Birthday @ Mr Dakgalbi, Setiawalk

It was Elyss’ birthday and she wanted to have Korean food, so we went to Mr Dakgalbi at Setiawalk, Puchong. It’s my third visit here, and the quality of the food has been consistent 🙂 Service needs some improvement though. I wanted to add on octopus to our fried rice and ramen set, but the server recommended the Dakgalbi (RM64!) because it ‘goes better with octopus’.. or so he said. But since it was too expensive (but I still wanted octopus), I told him it was fine and asked if the kitchen could cook the octopus separately for us.

He fucking rolled his eyes at me. 

Excuse me? The last time I checked, customers had the right to order whatever the fk they want -it’s not like I was ordering chocolate to be poured over my ramen. Anyway, putting that waiter-on-a-period episode behind…


Food was still good. Chicken marinated in spicy miso being cooked on the hotplate with loads of spring onions..


Fried rice with extra cheese and ramyeon. I love how the ramyeon was bouncy and had an al-dente bite to it. The chicken in the rice was really good – flavourful and tender. If you’re like me, you’ll love the crusty rice bits at the bottom.


The octopus that the server got annoyed over. A little too chewy for the girls, but just how I like it.

Would you try raw octopus in Korea?


Birthday girl on the right !


And then there was Carmen.. xD

I had a long, tiring day coz I woke up at 5.30am for a Genting assignment where I had to bounce around on inflatable obstacle courses (all while lugging a DSLR over my neck), but it was nice chilling with the girls. 🙂


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