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Ling Nam Noodle House, Binondo Manila

It was by pure chance that we stumbled upon this gem of a noodle shop called Ling Nam while wandering the streets of Binondo. Feeling peckish after a lot of walking, it was the first noodle shop we saw and popped into. Turns out they serve good mami noodles.


What are mami noodles? They’re basically noodle soup with a texture thicker than ramen but similar to wantan mee (thin egg noodles). I had the one with pork asado (basted in sweet dark soy sauce), beef chunks and wantan dumplings (PHP170).

Maybe it was because I was hungry, but the noodles were amazeballs. Especially with the sauce from the tender, melt-in-the-mouth pork asado, which when mixed into the soup created a flavourful broth. The wantans are stuffed with pork instead of shrimp, while the beef chunks were also soft – they must have cooked it for ages.


E’s didn’t have asado, which made it much less flavourful.. I strongly recommend getting the one with asado. 😀


Also got a siopao (steamed bun) with barbecued pork filling. Bun was fluffy, filling was savoury-sweet and flavour was just right. as good as buns go.


Interior of shop was also Hong Kong style. They have an upstairs dining area.


616 T. Alonzo St., Sta Cruz, Manila
Tel No: (632) 733.5231 / 733.5234

They have branches all over Manila and one shop in Cebu, but this is the original one (58 years old!) so head on over here for some delish mami while in Chinatown. 🙂




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