Hometown Steamboat, C180 Cheras

Been eating like a pig these past few days D: Holiday season is the worst time for the waistline.

Went for dinner with K at Hometown Steamboat at C180 in Cheras, just opposite the Aeon Cheras Selatan mall. There is a commercial block here with loads of restaurants and a stretch of steamboat outlets.


Very orange


We ordered two sets. Don’t be fooled by the large mound – they were mostly vegetables. There was shrimp, fried beancurd sheets, pork balls/fish balls, fish noodles, crab meat stick, oyster mushrooms, quail egg, dumpling… pretty much standard hotpot fare.


Another set which had tofu, some deep fried beancurd thingy which was very oily and tasted horrible. Stay away from their fried stuff if possible, they tasted like they had been cooked in stale oil. Other than that, everything was normal steamboat stuff. We opted for herbal and the chicken soup base.


Fried noodles and egg.


Enough for two. Bill came up to RM54.

As far as steamboat outlets go, this wasn’t the worse, but it wasn’t the best either.


B-21-G, B-22-G, B-23-G, Dataran C180, Jalan C180/1, Batu 11,
43200 Cheras, Selangor, Malaysia
Opening hours: Daily (5pm – 12am)


Did my nails for the new year at a manicure shop at J-Avenue called Hand & Nails (pretty straightforward name lol). Service was friendly and attentive, but prices were a bit steep for their gel (RM95). I got the F156 colour. It turned out a bit lighter than I thought, but it still looked nice and sparkly.


I love this colour – it always reminds me of deep sapphire blue pools and starry galaxies. 🙂

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