You Can’t Spend the New Year…

….with an empty wallet.

Or so the cleaning lady told me.

“New Year should have lots of money; a full purse!” she quipped in Mandarin while wiping one of our tables this morning. “That means that you’ll be blessed with good fortune for the rest of the year.” 

I raised an eyebrow. And looked at the sad state of my wallet.

It tore after a couple of months because cheapo.  Costs less than RM30. 

Maybe that’s why I’ve never been rich for the past 25 years lol.


Since it’s the new year, it’s high time to get a brand spanking new wallet! Bought a mustard yellow one (don’t judge) from F.Timber for just RM44.90. If you’re looking to buy wallets and bags, IOI City Mall in Putrajaya is a good place to go. Lots of shops on the Ground floor selling good quality and affordable ones. 🙂


And then splurged on dessert, because what the heck, right?

The last time I came to Madame Waffle, I tried their basic green tea waffle. This time around, I had the amped-up, customised version: three toppings – sliced bananas, oreos and toasted marshmallows + a scoop of vanilla ice-cream (Rm18). The ice-cream scoop was huge; creamy and not too sweet. Banana slices weren’t fresh, but I liked the chewy marshmallow bits. Waffle had that slightly bitter aftertaste from the green tea flavour, but it balanced out the sweetness well.


Current read: Inferno – Dan Brown.

Happy New Year! 🙂

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