Fun for all the Fam – Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

So earlier this week, I got to attend the TRIKSTARS media preview: it’s a magic/illusion show happening at Sunway Lagoon theme park from Dec 5 – 20. Looking forward to that !

And since I was already in the area, I hung around for a bit . 🙂 Brought E here last year when he visited Malaysia, so it sure brought back memories.


Divided into several sections, Sunway Lagoon is pretty old, having opened its doors in 1997. I remember going there as a kid and it was always a super fun and rare treat, because Malaysians are not blessed with many big theme parks. There have been many changes and additions over the years, but the place seems to have focused more on developing its water theme park. The dry park rides are old and quite sad – there’s a small roller coaster, a Ferris Wheel, a pirate ship, a Tomahock and more family friendly rides like carousels and teacups.


The wet park, on the other hand, is fun and exciting – especially the Vuvuzuela, the world’s largest vortex ride! The launch tower is 11 stories high and it plunges through 152m of awesomeness. I rode this a few times when I was here last year, because one time just isn’t enough. That drop from the tube into the vortex especially. 🙂


Slides for the kiddies who can’t go on crazy rides until they’re older.



The Zulu Walk area has restaurants and souvenir shops on both sides. Food is pricier than usual in the theme park. For convenience, there are no cash transactions, as you have to buy a pre-loaded card for any F&B purchases.


Locker/changing rooms are also here.


There is a mini zoo next to the Zulu Walk, which houses a variety of animals. At the entrance are some colourful parrots. Staff will come by to feed them and visitors can take photos with them at certain times of the day.

20151127_122834-tile 20151127_122907-tile

The mini zoo is divided into sections. The wooden gazebo-like area houses small animals such as tortoises…


Fluffy sleeping ferrets…


And cute sleeping lizards.



Over at the open-air Jungle Trail, larger wildlife can be found.


What does the otter say? Otters make a high-pitched, clucking noise, like birds. Or hyenas. Idk.


A sleepy, slow loris.


And this raccoon. It was white (?). An albino, perhaps?


It’s housemate was so fluffy it looked like a ball (!) 🙂



20151127_123851-tile \

The aviary section has a small waterfall and birds/waterfowl roamed around freely. It’s a nice place to get upclose to peahens, peacocks, ducks and the like.

20151127_123924-tile 20151127_123946-tile 20151127_124038-tile

Being a bird is just a state of mind. I am not defined by feathers and beaks. – Squirrel in the Aviary


There was also a big cat display with one male and one female white lion. The enclosure was quite small for them though 😦



Prices for the theme park have gone up since I last visited… to a whopping RM150 for adults and RM120 for children (!!) The family package for two adults and two kids is RM292. If u buy online, there’s a 15% discount.

Is it worth it? Personally, the ticket price is too pricey for me, but if you’re willing to fork out some money for a fun time without having to travel out of state, Sunway Lagoon is a nice place for family-friendly entertainment.

For more details, visit

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