Lunch for Just RM2.50 in Balakong, Seri Kembangan


The Malaysian economy isn’t doing very well right now, and doesn’t seem like it’s going to improve… whenever. So aside from working harder to earn more money, we have to tighten our belts to deal with rising costs, a depreciating currency, etc etc. But how do we do that, when even a simple mixed rice from the hawker stall costs at least RM5 these days?

Well guess what? You can get a nice lunch for just RM2.50. 


Believe it.

The catch?

There’s no meat in it.

….Well, what did you expect?

Fo Guang Vegetarian Restaurant in Balakong serves a buffet of vegetarian food with rice for just RM2.50 (three dishes). Other than veggies, they also have mock meat items like siew ngor (literally roast goose – but really just fried beancurd sheets), charsiu and even ‘chicken’ drumstick.  They keep the food cheap as part of charity, as the shop also has Buddhist CDs and mantras which patrons can take home.

The staff can be a bit brusque, but I guess it’s coz they’re so busy. ._.

They also have other branches in Puchong, PJ, KL, Subang Jaya and a lot of other places.


Medan Taming 2,
Taman Taming Jaya,
43300 Balakong

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