Le Gardenz, Balakong – Round 2


I blogged about this cool container cafe near my workplace called Le Gardenz, which is fast becoming one of my favourite hangout spots 🙂 It has really nice decor, a comfy ambience and decent food. Colleague and I came here for dinner the other day after work.


The last time around, I tried one of their pastas – so this time, I got the Fish N Chips; two medium-sized fried fish fillets in crispy batter, served with thin-cut chips, a rather sad side of boiled broccoli and lemon/mayo dip. While the fish was crispy on the outside, the meat was a little… too soft, to the point of having a jelly-like consistency. Passable, but definitely not one of their better dishes.


H went for what she had previously, the chicken chop with black pepper sauce. No complaints there.


The stirring spoon for the drinks was shaped like a small hand. Cute!


Hot honey…


And iced honey.

I could tell it wasn’t really pure honey because it had that sugary, syrupy taste but meh. It was quite sweet even with a lot of ice.


To wrap it up, chocolate cake for dessert. This was more sugary than chocolatey.

A little disappointed with my second time here, but they have a load of items on the menu that I’ve yet to try and I like the cool concept and the price isn’t too high. I wouldn’t mind coming again! 🙂

Le Gardenz

Jalan Kpb 5, 43300 Seri Kembangan,
Selangor, Malaysia



Author: Luna

Bibliophile/foodie. Drop me a line at erisgoesto@gmail.com

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