PIDM & Lat AdCampaign Collaboration

For many Malaysians, Datuk Lat needs no introduction. A national icon, many of us remember growing up with his multicultural cast of comic characters, each very relatable to daily Malaysian life. After going into semi-retirement, Lat is back with Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM), helping them to translate difficult financial concepts into something that is easy to understand in their latest ad campaign.

PIDM_Lat_group_characters (Eng)

The reason why they’re having this campaign is so that more Malaysians will know about their existence and what they do.PIDM is a gov agency started in 2005 which offers protection for your insurance and bank savings in the event of a member institution failure. This means that if your bank goes bankrupt, you are automatically protected by PIDM up until RM250,000 and up to Rm500k for any insurance companies. You don’t even have to sign up for it – membership is automatic once you open an account at any of their member institutions. 🙂


The unveiling was held at Le Meridien Hotel in KL. They have a nice resto on the 8th floor, with an outdoor bar and kitchen next to a pool + a glass-wall dining area.


The food was pretty amazing. Grilled chicken and sweet veggies fresh off the stove, juicy shrimp, mashed potatoes drizzled in a brown sauce, fried noodles and lamb (not shown in pic).


What’s a meal without ice-cream? I had chocolate and green tea flavoured ice cream with chocolate sauce, sugar sprinkles and chocolate chips. Talk about a sugar rush. 🙂


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