Union Station, Los Angeles

When you see something everyday, it loses a bit of its charm (That’s kinda how I feel when I see the Petronas Twin towers lol). For Los Angelinos, Union Station is probably just another part of their daily commute – but for tourists like myself, it was a wonderful piece of architecture and history.


Opened in 1939, it is the main railway station in LA and the largest railroad passenger terminal on the West Coast. Built to consolidate various railway services, it was considered one of the ‘Last Great Railway Stations’ in the United States.


The building is surrounded by gardens and (guess what?) palm trees. Palm trees are everywhere in LA, there is no escaping.


Memorial for the fallen.

SAM_8335-tile SAM_8328-tile

The inside is spacious and has hues of gold, yellow, brown and grey. The ceiling looks like it is made of wooden beams, but they are actually steel. The place gives off a classic 1940s vibe, with its chandelier lights and patterned tile designs.

SAM_8329-tile SAM_8331-tile SAM_8332-tile SAM_8333-tile

The Union Station is very convenient for those wanting to get around the city. Just nearby are the tourist attractions of Olvera Street, Chinatown and Los Angeles State Historic Park.



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