Frank’s Charbroiler, Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles


Rise and shine! Breakfast is an important part of the day, especially when you’re travelling 🙂 Our plan that morning was to take a bus to the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, but before we set off from our hostel along Fairfax Avenue, we decided to fill up our tummies first. I did some research because I was craving for burritos, and found that there was a nice local joint just further down the road calledFrank’s Charbroiler.

The place is run by Latina staff, who were friendly and accommodating. We were immediately served a basket of nachos with salsa to munch on before we ordered our mains. Not to be a prick, but I can see why Americans are among the most obese people in the world. I myself gained weight after just a few weeks here – because of the easy accessibility of food and humongous portions. I find it very wasteful when I see there is still food on my plate, hence I try to force myself to finish it. >->


No frills, canteen-like setting. It was interesting how all the restos and cafes have a placard that says they have the right to refuse service to anyone. I have never seen this in Malaysia before. I think this is a great thing to protect restos, because some customers can be a real pain in the ass.



Ordered one bacon breakfast burrito. I wasn’t expecting it to be normal sized after my few days of experience eating in LA, but…



The portion broke my expectations. The size of one half of said burrito was equivalent to two burritos in Malaysia. (which would mean that the burrito could have easily fed four people with a small appetite) Filled with bits of salty bacon, scrambled egg, soft and mushy potato, picco de gallo (a type of Mexican salad), it was nevertheless yummy, warm and toasty. We kept the other half for lunch  because there was just too much .__.

You can’t say that they’re not value for money!


363 S Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, Beverley Grove CA 90036

Phone: (323) 655-5277 (closed on Sundays) 


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