Crepes and Hotpots


Crepes are really versatile – they can be savoury or sweet, depending on what you put in them, and you can adjust how filling or light you want them to be! It’s not often that I get to prepare food at home, so when I had the weekend off mum and I decided to make some of these for lunch 🙂


Not ‘conventional’ by any standards – we stir-fried some ham with onions as the filling. Sauce would have been good, but it’s rather fattening… >-<


Somehow the ‘crepes’ turned out looking like pancakes. It’s hard to make ones with a porous texture unless you have a proper skillet. Anyone has any tips to share?


It was raining very heavily the evening after work, and it has been ages since my last hotpot – so I dropped by Sukishi@IOI Mall, Puchong for a comforting dinner after a stress-filled day.


Being a creature of habit, I always have the same things from the buffet line, namely shellfish like bamboo clams (they kind of look like whitish tongues or flat worms)…


Assorted hotpot items like cheese filled seafood balls, beef and pork balls, oyster mushrooms and fried beancurd skin.


The star attraction is ofc the meat selection. They are currently offering lamb, apart from the usual chicken, pork and beef. After cooking quickly in the Miso soup or soy-based soup, it is best to cool the meat by dipping it into raw egg, then their house specialty chilli and garlic dip. At just under RM40++, the buffet is value for money for meat lovers and large eaters.

Sukishi Japanese Buffet

IOI Mall, New Wing, 3rd Floor, 47170 Puchong

Mon-Sun (11am – 10pm) Lunch – 11am – 4pm, Dinner – 5pm – 10pm

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