Soft Boiled Eggs: A Malaysian Breakfast Staple

Walk into any kopitiam in Malaysia for breakfast, and chances are you’ll see at least one table with a plate of soft-boiled eggs, kaya and butter with toast, and a ceramic cup of teh tarik/kopi o. It’s such a ubiquitous thing for Malaysians that some might not even think of it as special (when foreigners ask what we eat for breakfast, most would probably say … Continue reading Soft Boiled Eggs: A Malaysian Breakfast Staple

Noob Cook Makes Chicken Karaage – 100% Foolproof!

As much as I love food, I’ve never been much of a cook. When I was younger, the kitchen was my mom’s domain (still is), and now that I’m older I just don’t have much interest in it. Since I live with family, making meals that I actually like (usually Western – pastas, pizza, steaks) is also difficult because I have to consider what my … Continue reading Noob Cook Makes Chicken Karaage – 100% Foolproof!

Shortcut Kaya

SO mum and I tinkered about the kitchen and made kaya.  What is Kaya?It’s notoriously underrated, especially outside of Malaysia. Forget marmalade spread, apricot jam, strawberry and all that sht: Kaya and butter on toast is all you need. It’s basically coconut egg jam, sometimes flavoured with pandan, cooked to a thick, goopy paste. Looks like a hot mess but tastes heavenly!   Traditionally, homemade … Continue reading Shortcut Kaya

Kitchenventures: Soy-Sauce Shrimp

I like to eat. Looking through my blog entries, that’s pretty obvious. But a love for food doesn’t always mean I know how to make it. Never having ventured into the kitchen much, I survived on mostly pasta/sauces and ham sandwiches the entire time I was studying overseas. If this was 60 years ago, in Chinese culture, I’d have been a spinster fo’ life. Lately … Continue reading Kitchenventures: Soy-Sauce Shrimp