Got Ice-Cream? – Magnum KL Grand Opening

EVEN as a kid, I knew Magnum ice-creams were a bit more ‘high end’ than your 50c scoop ones from the motorbike ice-cream seller. My mum would only buy it for me on special occasions, like when she was feeling extra generous. I mean, the price 20 years ago was already at Rm3. These days it’s RM4.50 for a Magnum Gold (which happens to be my fave, btw.)

Anyway, this comes a month late but I went for Magnum KL’s grand opening at Mid Valley Megamall. Yep, it’s a Magnum Cafe and they serve customised ice-creams. You can now make your own Magnum with over 250,000 possible combis from a wide selection of toppings. I was really excited about the event, but tbh it was poorly organised. They invited way too many people and the store wasn’t big enough to accommodate everyone so most of us spent the night squashed to one side of the wall. They also didn’t prepare enough samples for everyone, and we left hungry and grumpy. I only got to try a small serving of (melted) ice-cream after edging my way across a sea of humans that were all trying to grab food. It was so cramped and uncomfortable I didn’t even take that many pictures D:


Anyway. They have two ‘infinity bars’ – basically an open kitchenette area where you can select your toppings: everything from nuts to chocolate chip sprinkles, chocolate/milk chocolate and white chocolate coatings, wafers, biscuits and more to go along with your customised Magnum. I did like the store’s design though, especially the fat teardrop shaped lights hanging from the ceiling.



The place’s head pastry chef Miko Aspiras demonstrating to the crowd and cameras on some signature desserts, such as cheesecake custard and sponge, and bamboo charcoal sponge cake to go along with the ice-cream. I couldn’t get any close up photos because as you can see, I didn’t want to get an elbow in the face.

Aspiras did mention that the popular items at the store include Magnum Kaya waffle toast, a creation specially available only for Malaysian customers; as well as the Magnum Triple Chocolate Cookie Skillet and Magnum Trifle.

For the event, they also invited six local celebrities including R&B Queen Ning Baizura, model Nasha Aziz and fashion icon Wak Doyok. They paraded around the small space with custom-made Magnum models, which are basically studded replicas of ice-creams that matched their outfits.



Some of the stuff you can pair with your ice-cream. Considering the ‘posh’ setting and how pricey regular Magnums are, the Make Your Own Magnum experience is actually reasonably priced, at RM9.90. There might be a line though – you know how Malaysians are when it comes to new stuff.

Magnum Kuala Lumpur at T-023, 052 & 054, Mid Valley Megamall.

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