Days Where You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

“But it is not this day.” – Aragorn, Lord of the Rings


I beg to differ. It is exactly one of those days. It feels like I spent the whole day being extremely unproductive. I’m still in the office, supposedly ‘working’, but I ended up procrastinating and opening WordPress instead. I actually went home and took a half hour nap after lunch (because I was goddamned tired for some reason) and when I got back to the office, it took me five hours to write ONE story. And I still haven’t started on my video editing for this Saturday’s publication. I haven’t finished my Vietnam travel story, even after three weeks of return and the V.A people are getting a little impatient (I’m sorry…. D:)

To top things off, my colleague is going away for a holiday so she asked me to help her with a story.

I’d like to look at pictures of food to cheer myself up, but I ate some Indomie from the Indian-Muslim shop downstairs and I have a stomachache. 😡 Also, I’m coming down with a fever/flu. Bummer.

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