Ramadan Bazaar @ Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi

It’s the holy month of Ramadan here in Malaysia, which is a big deal since most of the population is Muslim. From sahur (dawn) til dusk, they refrain from eating or drinking. Ramadan also means bazaars – an annual affair where traders set up stalls (much like an evening food market) with lots of delectable dishes so that people can buy food and break their fast at home.

I had to go around looking for interesting stalls to be featured in the paper where I work at, so here are a few nice picks from the bazaar at Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Sepang!


Adie and Abdul Aziz’s Gerai John Kupang 

Their specialty? Mussels cooked in a spicy sauce made from garlic, chilli, curry powder and other herbs/spices. Upon passing by their stall, the wafting aroma from the big woks filled to the brim with shellfish is enough to make anyone’s mouth water. At only RM5 (1.57 USD) per serving, this is one store you probably wanna give a try if you’re ever in the area. 🙂


“We sell about 50kgs per day,” said one of the owners, Adie. The pair learned their cooking skills from working in the hotel industry. The mussels are brought in fresh daily from Malacca, because ‘the ones at pasar borong (wet markets) are put on ice and not that fresh’ – Adie.


The bazaar itself stretches from one end of the road to the other; at least 50 stalls. Traffic is closed from around 3pm til 7pm to cater to the crowds.


Thirst quenchers were hot selling items at the bazaar, such as these sweet lotus seeds (lin chee kang), a refreshing beverage with basil (selasih) and chewy tapioca balls. The colourful green, yellow and pink layers make for a very eye-catching display. One packet costs RM3 (0.94 USD).



One of the hot selling items according to the drink stall owner is the Kathira (the green drink), a Ramadhan specialty. It is made from a combination of local fruits and herbs (?) including basil, kembang semangkuk and getah anggur. The Sanggar Biru (blue drink) is a mixture of longan and coconut water. Sounds very refreshing.


Other varieties. The colouring in them doe.


Another stall drawing in the crowds was the one next to the drinks stall, selling fresh off the grill lamb and chicken skewers. Prepared by one Mr Nor Azri, the kebabs are seasoned with chilli and pepper before being cooked for about five minutes to ensure tender, well-cooked perfection. Customers did not seem to mind the wait, judging from the long, patient line snaking away from the stall.



Large slabs of soft and fluffy looking cheesecake in various flavours, such as tiramisu, red velvet, plain and chocolate. Who canz resist cheezcakez? 


Spiced and marinated grilled chicken wings going for RM1.50 each. One can opt for other parts to be grilled on skewers, such as the gizzard, liver and heart. Pedal ayam (chicken gizzard)  is seriously the best. That chewy texture. Rawr.

If you’re ever around Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi this fasting month, check out the Ramadan bazaar near Jalan Kosmoplek 1! Guaranteed not to disappoint.



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