Mika Hokkaido Cupcakes – Sweet, Puffy Delights

I tasted my first Hokkaido Cupcake back when I was working in ChuangYi about two years ago. My boss bought us some from WonderMilk, which is a pastry shop famous for the cupcakes. Since then, I’ve been addicted. They’re pricey though, a box of six costs nearly RM20. You could finish them in two bites, and you keep wanting more since the bread (which has a chiffon cake texture) is light and fluffy. It’s porous and airy, with a creamy centre hidden inside. I can’t stress how good it is.

I don’t have it often, so it was a nice surprise that mum bought a boxful from Mika, which were really good! I should try learning to make my own. The best cupcakes should be puffy and not sunken in the middle.

20131208_124751-tile 20131208_124803-tile

You can buy them online at http://www.mika.com.my, and pick them up at their branches at Johor, Malacca or Kuantan, Pahang. Unfortunately, they don’t have any branches in Central (Klang Valley) yet. 😦

Alternatively, you can get them to deliver, but I think it’ll take a couple of days so I’m not sure how certain cakes will keep fresh.

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