Hello, City Folks

Some shots of Kuala Lumpur after attending an assignment in the city.

Food demonstration by local chef Rohani Jelani ! Now I can understand why she’s so popular – the stuff she prepared was so good. o_o The theme was avocado, and she managed to incorporate it with both sweet and savoury dishes. The sampler included (clockwise from top left): fruit and avocado tart, salsa salad with diced tomatoes, sweet apples and avocado, tuna, butter and avocado sandwich, and buttered avocado scones.

Everything was really good, but I never knew salsa salad could taste so refreshing and cool with avocado in it. The burst of sweet, fresh ingredients went so well with the savoury, crunchy nacho chips. The buttered scones had a great aroma and texture as well!

Enjoying a sweet slice signature banana toffee cake at Tipsy O Brew’ Cafe, Setiawalk Puchong. This is one of my favourite hangout spots coz of the cozy, quiet interior where one can have coffee and cake over a good book. *Bliss*. It’s not too expensive as well (average about RM10 for a cake and another RM10 for drinks.) But that’s not the best part…


They serve Forty Licks ice-cream here wtf. 

Forty Licks is a local, handcrafted ice-cream brand. Ohgoodlordy their name is apt, because one lick is definitely not enough. They have a number of flavours, such as Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter(above),Salted Caramel, Pistachio and many more. My fave is still MCaPB though. It’s smooth, rich, thick and creamy – as good as the Molly Cow ones I had in Sheffield! This is the only place where I can this brand, so ;w; I’m a regular patron just for the mindblowing ice-cream. It’s simple, not OTT but oh-so-satisfying.


More stuff to come!

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