John Grisham is well-known for his courtroom thriller novels, and his sixth book, Rainmaker, promises to be all that.


The readers are introduced to Rudy Baylor, a broke, fresh out of law school grad who just got dumped by his girlfriend and is filing for bankruptcy. Kicked out of his apartment and desperately looking for a job in a market saturated with law graduates, Rudy is reduced to begging for work. While at a practical class conducted at an old folks home, he signs up a couple – Dot and Buddy Black. The couple are suing a big insurance company for alleged cheating of the insurance for their son, Donny Ray who has leukemia. Because of the claims denial, Donny Ray’s condition, which could have been treated, worsens over the year and leads to his death.

Now Rudy, a fresh out of lawschool grad with no experience, must lock horns with a multi million dollar corporation headed by ruthless, seasoned lawyers; to fight for justice for the parents of his client. But the baddies will stop at nothing to hide their dirty secrets.

In the process, Rudy falls in love with a battered married wife, Kelly, which also spells trouble for our young hero. What’s a broke young lawyer to do?

Overall, I wouldn’t call the book a ‘courtroom thriller’. The pacing is nice and leisurely, leaving you with just enough curiousity to wonder what’s next without catching your breath. Grisham manages to make complicated law terms easy to understand with laymen terms and simple language. The premise for the story is very much a tried and tested David vs Goliath theme: interesting to read, but nothing that screams literary masterpiece. It’s a good read for lazy afternoons or to fill in time between bus rides. 

Rating: 6/10. Good for filling in time, nothing bam. I do like the little twist at the ending though. No spoilers!