The sun beat down with unabated fury,
It’s angry rays of light
Burned up the blackened asphalt
As cars coughed up
Smoke and ashes
A landscape of steel, metal and gray.

Alone an old-timer stood,
A giant angsana tree
Like a stalwart pillion of green
a midst the concrete jungle.

Long had it
Extended it’s hands towards the sky,
It fed on light and sweet rain.
Until it’s flowers were as bright as the rays of the sun.

Raining brilliant showers of gold
blanketing the ground with bright yellow flames.

The old angsana tree.

On another note:

Hidden Sessions at The Actors Studio Lot 10 on Saturday! Acts: Free Deserters, Si-De, OJ Law, Goodbye 20th Century and The Great Metropolitan Expressway. Did some checking out and all the acts sound REALLY good. o__o A definite go. Here’s a sample of some of the acts :