The Art Called Fear

Tired, yet restless Trapped; pinned I look at my dead feathers with Wide purple eyes Liquid in their fear. It is grotesque Yet beautiful The way you clip my wings Cruel artisan Whose art is torture.   This weight Crushes my chest, my lungs Of the air That I need to breathe I claw Catching your skin and blood As I leave with these eyes still wide open You grin From the … Continue reading The Art Called Fear

Underneath Yellow Flame Showers

The sun beat down with unabated fury, It’s angry rays of light Burned up the blackened asphalt As cars coughed up Smoke and ashes A landscape of steel, metal and gray. Alone an old-timer stood, A giant angsana tree Like a stalwart pillion of green a midst the concrete jungle. Long had it Extended it’s hands towards the sky, It fed on light and sweet rain. … Continue reading Underneath Yellow Flame Showers


When lunar eclipses dawn. His touches like fire, like liquid, like molten lava. Devouring, devouring. Boring holes in me. Parting imaginary lips Swollen from passion. These tender bones are like finely crafted glass Lovingly shaped by hands that no longer feel   *note: found this when I was looking thru old stuff. this was something I wrote back in 2011, when things were fked up … Continue reading Bones