If Time had been Kind

like do i look photogenic in this pic or what lol.


If time had been kind
Would I be the one you watched
stars with late at night?
If words had been said
would you be the one I woke
up to each morning?
There are so many
Maybes hidden in between
Lines that we practiced
and now what are we
but two strangers lost in
a strange little world


*First try at haiku okay pls dont laugh kthxbai 


I was thinking about a guy I used to like when I wrote this. There’s nothing sexier than a man with a brilliant mind, and he had one that blew mine away. It didn’t hurt that he was also very cute. Sadly, the time wasn’t right – I was with someone else, and he knew it too. So that was that.

Sometimes I wonder about what would’ve happened if we had met under different circumstances.

Would he have rocked my world? And vice versa ?

Looking back, maybe not. He was truly a free spirit, a poet and a dreamer – something I wanted to be, but wasn’t. And could probably never be.

Come to think of it, maybe he never felt the same way about me. Hey, we hadn’t even met yet.

All we had was that one, unforgettable night of conversation.



If you’re reading this, yes, it’s about you.



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