5 Workout Songs To Get You Going

One good thing about being stuck at home for close to two months?I have much more time and energy to work out (coz I don’t have to be stuck in traffic for three hours every day)! I’ve been doing it quite consistently since the start of the quarantine, and although things kicked off slow, there have been some encouraging results (which I will document in another blog post! :))

Copyright-free photo via Eduardo, Pexels

Most people listen to music while exercising, as it not only helps to relieve boredom, but also enables us to improve on the quality of our workouts. It provides good distraction (if you’ve ever had to plank for over a minute with no music, you’ll notice that it gets considerably more difficult lol) and good beats can help us to maintain a regular pace. Research has also shown that high-groove beats make us want to move our bodies, so that’s definitely a plus.

Some people prefer relaxing music as they do yoga or Pilates; others like the heavy, aggressive chords of rock music, or the upbeat sounds of a pop track for running or aerobics. As for myself, I find that I work out best with EDM and rap, which gets my heart pumping and my body moving. Enjoy!


Calvin Harris & Alesso – Under Control ft. Hurts

Starts off light then builds up to a heart pumping chorus.

There’s a reason why Eminem’s “Till I Collapse” has been used multiple times at various sporting events: it’s just catchy, adrenaline-pumping and makes you feel like you can push through anything. Boxers such as Shane Mosley and Shane Carwin used this song as their entrance theme during matches, as did Major League Baseball pitcher Jesse Litsch. It was also the official soundtrack for the bot-fighting film Real Steel.

Funny video of twerking bot butts aside, the beat from Basement Jaxx’s Never Say Never is great for working out.

Another song that provides excellent motivation, with uplifting lyrics and a catchy beat.

I am a giant (ooh)
Stand up on my shoulders, tell me what you see
‘Cause I am a giant (ooh)
We’ll be breaking boulders, underneath our feet

Something a little softer – Tokio Hotel’s Phantom Rider. I like to listen to this while running. The ethereal, breathy vocals and melancholic melody take me to another place, and nothing else seems to matter except my breathing, the pavement underneath my feet and the pounding of my heart.

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