Day 1 Of A New Normal – Returning to Work Post-MCO in Malaysia

If you wanted to sweat the deets, then we’re technically still under a movement control order until May 12. But I’m calling it Post-MCO because all businesses (except close contact ones like spas and hair salons) have already been allowed to reopen on May 4.

At my workplace, we’re currently doing rotational shifts where we go into the office twice a week on different days. I’ve gotten used to working from home, so it feels a little weird to be driving to work again after so long. Granted, the traffic was pretty smooth, so I guess not all businesses are running yet. Schools definitely aren’t.


At the lift, signs of the new normal are already in place. The building management also posted guards at the lobby, where they took temperatures, jotted down names and check-in times, and prepped hand sanitisers. Almost everyone I see is wearing a face mask.


I worked on an article for a bit, then got too distracted because my colleagues were busy cleaning out their desks (we’re moving to a new office soon). So I decided to clean out my own desk. I’ve been putting it off because there’s just too much shit to be sorted, but I finally managed to get it all done. Hooray!

I also found this note from when my company organised a DiSC training to determine our working styles and discuss how best to work with each other. The DiSC test is often used by employers to assess workers and potential employees. Mine is a high C (conscientiousness). People who fall into C types are analytical, systematic, detailed, independent and make decisions based on objective reasoning. We are also afraid of being wrong, which is why I like to have as much detail as possible before embarking on a project. I find it difficult to work with I types (these are the ones that are usually lively and have that ‘lets do it and figure things out later!’ attitude), as well as D types (domineering and forceful). Whatever the case, most workplaces have different types of people – the reason why I’ve lasted so long here is that most of my colleagues are C and S (supportive) types. I had an ex-colleague who was a D, and we did not get along one iota.


For lunch, I drove to a cafe nearby called Bookmark Coffee PJ. Ever since I came here with my editor, I’ve been a big fan of their smoked duck pandan rice, which is superb and comes in generous portions – and I’ve really missed it after nearly two months in quarantine.

Since the MCO is still technically in place, most eateries that are open cater to delivery and takeaway only. I waited for about 20 minutes for my orders (got the smoked duck pesto for my boss).


Back at the office. Ah, how much I’ve missed this! Imagine juicy pieces of smoked duck with no trace of gaminess whatsoever. The meat is tender and succulent, while the skin and its layer of fattiness underneath just melts in your mouth. The fragrant pandan rice boasts a light blue tinge from natural blue pea flowers, and it is topped with a fried egg for good measure, garnished with vegetables and thin slices of cucumber. Bellissimo!Β 


For a spicy kick, have your meal with some homemade sambal and orange glaze sauce. The sauce is slightly sweet and tart, which goes really well with the duck meat.

One of my colleagues asked for help taking some photos for product placement on his Instagram (he’s an influencer), so we ended up messing around the lobby at our workplace. It was deserted, so we were definitely observing social distancing lol.

The rest of the day was uneventful. Traffic was a bit busier going home, but travel time was still shorter than usual.

I’m foreseeing things to get much busier next week, what with Hari Raya coming up, but hopefully people will still remember to adhere to social distancing and avoid public gatherings. Until we get a vaccine, we’re not out of the woods.

How is your country dealing with COVID 19? Are measures being relaxed, or are they extending the quarantine?Β 

10 thoughts on “Day 1 Of A New Normal – Returning to Work Post-MCO in Malaysia

  1. Congratulations! You guys made it there to the new normal. πŸ™‚

    We’re still too far behind. The government keeps producing one measure after another, but none working because one measure rules out the next. So, yeah, we’re basically confused. LOL!

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    1. Well we’ve only just started reopening sectors again, so we’ll only be able to see if there are new clusters forming in the next two weeks. I hope things will go well for Indonesia soon too.

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  2. Wow, already going back to work! That’s great! It probably feels a bit more normal but not quite yet though… In my country some people are going back to work but my whole office is still teleworking and will probably do so for some time still… Anyway, good luck for moving and going back to work! 😊😊

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    1. Thanks Juliette! It is good to be out and about again rather than being stuck at home all the time, although we’re all taking measures to stay safe so a lot of social activities (like dining in at cafes, shopping) are still not yet fully back to how it was before. Some companies here are also still teleworking where they can;I get to work two or three times from home in a week so thats good enough for me !

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  3. Schools opened last Thursday over here which is a bit ridiculous as summer holidays start on the 29th May anyway! But perhaps it’s a human experiment, who knows. Anyway, everyone (who can) is still working from home. Some have already been informed that it will go on till September. I have to go to the office next week as my project with my current employer ends, have to drop off the computer and other stuff. Apparently no-one is there, so it will be strange. I loved working from home because my commute was one hour (one way), so the free time has been welcome. Take care xx

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    1. I’ve actually adapted well to working from home too! It has also freed up at least 3 hours of commuting time for me so I feel like I’m way more productive, haha. Take care when you have to go out πŸ™‚


      1. Three hours is even more than me, I am sure you can feel the difference in your day, lovely to have more free time ❀️


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