Bookmark Coffee PJ : Cute & Creative Hand-Painted Latte Art

Hey guys!

I recently went to a cafe called Bookmark Coffee at PJ Midtown, which serves the most adorable hand-painted lattes ever. Seriously, the latte art is legit so pretty you’ll feel sorry to destroy your milky, foamy art piece to finish your drink.


PJ Midtown itself was pretty dead, but the cafe was filled with customers during lunch hour.

Sorry I don’t have a nicer picture of the interior – my phone’s been acting up lately so some of the files I send to the computer end up corrupted. :/


The menu is a fusion of local and Western cuisine. There are dishes like pastas, fried chicken and fries, salads and ciabatta sandwiches, but also rice and noodle offerings. Prices are above average, around RM20+ for mains.


A selection of cakes.


If you’re ordering a coffee with milk, you can request for a hand-painted latte art on your drink! You can even watch the barista in action at the counter as he meticulously creates colourful, cute pieces on top of the foam.

I asked if we could request anything and the staff said “We’ll try our best!” which was very accommodating of him. I ended up asking for a cat for my butterscotch latte. What arrived at the table was an adorable kitty that seemed to ‘bounce’ as the liquid sloshed around in the cup. The coffee was tasty as well with rich and delicious notes of butterscotch, with just the right balance of sweetness and milkiness.


Ed. ordered Salted Caramel latte – and a lion dancer to fit the Lunar New Year mood!


For mains, I went with the house specialty: Pandan Rice with Smoked Duck (RM20). It was very tasty, and I can definitely see myself coming back for a return visit. The smoked duck came in hefty portions and it had great flavour with none of the gaminess. The pandan rice was fragrant and fluffy, and the vegetables helped cut through the heaviness of the meat. Topping it off was a perfectly fried sunny side up.


Ed.’s Salted Egg Yolk Pasta. We were both impressed with the giant shrimps. Again, hefty portions and the pasta was done al dente, although Ed. said it was a little dry.

A short video I tried editing on the Meitu app on my phone since like I mentioned earlier some of my photos and videos can’t be transferred to desktop without being corrupted. :/ Time for a new phone?

I had a positive experience at Bookmark Coffee – they don’t charge you service tax because you have to get your own cutlery and pay at the counter, but the staff was still attentive and friendly, serving us water and our food with a smile. The ambience is intimate and cosy, albeit a little dim due to the tinted glass. There is a bookshelf where you can grab a book to read while you sip on your coffee. Prices are standard for a cafe in PJ/KL so perhaps not something you can go to on a daily basis, but nice to indulge in every other week.

PS: They also have a branch in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.


G-22, PJ Midtown, Jalan Kemajuan, Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Open daily: 10AM – 11PM



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