Moving To A Co-Working Space: Tour of WORQ KL @ Glo Damansara

While still a fairly ‘new’ concept in Malaysia, co-working spaces have been around for some time in many Western countries – where workers from different companies share an office space and infrastructure such as equipment, utilities and receptionist services, in order to save on cost. The arrangement also allows for freelancers, independent contractors and remote workers to have a dedicated workspace of their own, since working from home/ telecommuting can be quite isolating or distracting.

Before the movement control order came into place, my colleagues and I went on a tour of WORQ, a co-working space in Glo Damansara. Since the tenancy for our current office expires soon, the plan is for us to move here in the third quarter of May – but seeing as how we’re still under quarantine, not sure if it’ll still go through.

Co-working spaces might not seem like the best idea given the coronavirus pandemic, but I guess we won’t have a choice. Just gotta be extra vigilant in washing our hands, wearing face masks, practicing social distancing, etc. Until we can find a cure/vaccine, this will be our ‘new normal’.

Coming back to WORQ, the place is actually quite cool, with lots of facilities.  The entrance has a friendly receptionist, a few glassdoor meeting rooms and a sofa. Walking into the main foyer, there are ‘hot desks’ (more on this later), more sofas where you can conduct casual meetings and brainstorming sessions, a playroom with games and pouffes, and more meeting rooms.




The pantry has its own refrigerator (although I am a bit apprehensive about using a fridge/microwave shared by so many people), with free flow of coffee and snacks.


Printing facilities are shared. You get a card with a certain amount of credit each month. There are a few common printers at WORQ, but you can have your own printer in your private suite as well.


Another hot desk section.

When it comes to membership categories, there are four to choose from:

  • Hot desk – allows you to sit at any desk at an open space (RM400)
  • Dedicated desk – Dedicated desk at an open space (RM700); includes lockable filing cabinet
  • Private suite – Private, lockable room (RM700) – seats around 4 to 5 pax depending on size of room
  • Lite Membership – RM60: ideal for those who come in as and when; you get a day pass worth RM40 plus a few other benefits like RM50 meeting room credits


Our private suite which seats five. Dibs on the corner seat because I like to have my own little corner. It’s not exactly ‘private’ though since you can see through to the adjacent suites.


A tiny gym. There’s also a cycling gym on the same floor, but you’ll have to pay for that.

WORQ is pretty well equipped, so aside from all of the above, they also have stuff like nap pods, private booths where you can make telephone calls, powder room for freshening up, etc.


GLO Damansara itself is pretty dead, though. There’s a grocery on the ground floor and a 7-11, but food choices are limited to a canteen-like resto, mamak stall or Malay food stalls across the road. There aren’t many other shops except ones selling furniture and carpets lol.

Not sure when the MCO will be lifted (Tentatively: April 29) or when we’ll be able to move in – I still have a tonne of stuff to clear out from my current office.


Do you work from a dedicated office, or a co-working space? How do you find the experience?



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3 thoughts on “Moving To A Co-Working Space: Tour of WORQ KL @ Glo Damansara

  1. This space looks great, there are so many things to improve the working experience!! I actually don’t really like open spaces because I tend to be very distracted and chat a lot if I’m surrounded by colleagues, but I wouldn’t mind this one I think! 😁 Hope you will share the experience of working there when you can!

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    1. Same! I’m easily distracted too so i guess its good that we rented a private suite so there is some privacy and I can move out to the common area if I need a change of scenery. Hope it works out and Ill definitely be sharing about the experience once we’ve moved in. 🙂

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