The Singer Who Spoiled Every Other Song For Me – Dimash Kudaibergen

People who know me know that I’m impartial to musical genres: I’d just as much listen to metal as I would classical, pop, alt-rock or dance, as long as the melody and/or the voice suits me. And while I do have favourite songs, I’ve always been able to enjoy them each as separate entities – it’s not fair to compare a band like Placebo with Andrea Bocelli, for instance : they’re both brilliant in their own way.

Dimash Kudaibergen, however, has stumped me.

If you have never heard of Dimash, drop everything and go watch one of his performances on Youtube – you WILL be taken to another planet.

Hailing from Kazakhstan, Dinmuhammed Kanatuly Kudaibergen (or Dimash as he is popularly known) shot to fame several years ago, when he was featured on a Chinese TV show singing Vitas’ Opera No.2 – a notoriously difficult song to sing due to its crazy high notes. Not only did Dimash smash through them like they were nothing, he did his own rendition that went even higher than Vitas’ original. And with a voice that covers six octaves (!!!), his vocal control is nothing short of incredible – you won’t hear anything jittery or pitchy.

Watch (if you’re impatient, forward to minute one):

The thing about Dimash’s voice is that it can sound breathy and ethereal one moment, then deep and sonorous the next.  The transition is breathtaking – often times he sounds like he’s two people, like in one of my favourite originals from him:

Beautiful cinematography and message.

S.O.S – a cover of a popular French song. Not only did he make it his own, his perfect control is injected with so much feeling and intensity. It’s hard not to feel moved listening to such an angelic voice. (typing this while listening to the song gives me goosebumps)

As if life wasn’t unfair enough, man has the looks to go with his voice. He’s 1.91m tall (6’2), with dark hair and flawless fair skin – if a character from a bishoujo came to life, he would probably look like Dimash and sweep the MC off her feet.

So, if you’re unacquainted with Dimash Kudaibergen, look ‘im up. I think he’s the kind of singer that only comes once every few hundred centuries, lol. But thanks to the Internet, people all over the world can be blessed with his amazing voice.

You can thank me later. wink


10 thoughts on “The Singer Who Spoiled Every Other Song For Me – Dimash Kudaibergen

  1. Thanks for this… I’m far from the correct age for fangirling, but Dimash hit me right between the eyes. He lives music, he can paint pictures in your soul with his voice… Love this guy ❤️

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  2. He is the singer who made me not listen to anyone else for months… And I m not sure that ever, I will be interested in listening to anybody else

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  3. Dimash is the Best Singer of the Universe, just perfect. His voice is just incredible. He gives us Hope. He was gifted but with hardworking he realized his dream to have fans all over the world. He is so sweet, humble, caring. He is a Dream. He shows us the way of True Art, True Love. Legend is coming and indeed we are thankful to witness this. Greetings from Belgium 🇧🇪 💖

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  4. I too am of the older generation, but Dimash has stolen my heart. I have never heard anyone on this earth equal his voice and his passion for singing. He is an angel on earth. We are very lucky to have the opportunity to listen to his voice in our lifetime. Love you Dimash.

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  5. Eris, I’m with you! You echoed my thoughts about Dimash exactly! I discovered him through the song, “Couldn’t Leave” that was part of the OST of a Chinese drama, “Go Go Squid”. Since it was one of the only songs sung in English in the show, I was curious and wanted to who this singer was. So, as many of his fans say “I fell into the rabbit hole”, there’s no turning back and I’m hooked! I was thrilled I was able to attend his first solo concert in the USA.


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