Bazaar Ramadan 2019 @ Puchong Prima, Puchong

What’s the best part about the Ramadan month in Malaysia? Everyone (non-Muslims included) gets to enjoy the delicious food sold at Ramadan bazaars ! These evening street markets open from 4PM onwards, peddling all sorts of mouthwatering dishes and snacks, some which are only available during this time of the year. Decided to go check out the Ramadan Bazaar @ Puchong Prima over the weekend, and it did not disappoint.


One of the larger bazaars in Puchong, there are well over 50 stalls at the location, which is more than last year’s bazaar. Visitors are immediately enticed by the smell of food being cooked on the spot, smoke and steam wafting into the air. Traders call out with cries of nasi ayam, nasi lemak, keropok lekor, murah murah murah. Crowds jostle. It’s loud, it’s chaotic, but it’s all part of the charm of Ramadan bazaars.


Each bazaar has its own selection of cuisine to offer, but most will have the standard favourites such as Ayam Percik (a Malay-style roast chicken with a chilli herb sauce), Roti John (omelette sandwich with various fillings), murtabak (flatbread with meat filling), keropok lekor (fried fish snack), Ayam Madu (roast chicken with honey) and Bergedil (meat and tofu balls). One may even find items like sushi, takoyaki, Western fare, Korean fried chicken and more.


(Above) Deep fried spring rolls coated in chilli sauce.

The best part about Ramadan Bazaars is that everything is reasonably priced. If one can afford to break their fast at a fancy hotel, by all means – but I think cheap food can be just as tasty, and you’re supporting small time traders as well.


A trader adding lettuce to his chicken rice, now all ready for sale.


Whole fried squid and deep fried boneless chicken are also staples at Ramadan bazaars.


At RM5 for five pieces, you get these humongous meatballs fresh off the grille, slathered with cheese sauce and mayonnaise, and a packet of black pepper sauce. Not the healthiest option, but damn was it good!


My takeaway dinner was Nasi Sotong Kunyit (squid fried in turmeric with longbeans, carrots and onions), which for its generous portion, only set me back RM8. I’d definitely recommend this if you’re dropping by the Bazaar Ramadan Puchong Prima anytime soon!


Jalan Prima 5/1, Taman Puchong Prima, 47100 Puchong, Selangor

Opening hours: 4PM – 7PM (until 4 June 2019)

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