The Library In A Mall – The Selangor Public Library @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Malls can be a nice place to shop, eat and chill. 

Now, you can add reading to the list, as the Selangor Public Library opens its doors at Jaya One in Petaling Jaya. Tucked in a quiet corner of the mall’s ground floor, the newly opened public library has a small but nice selection of fiction and non-fiction titles, and a cosy space where visitors can relax in comfort, peace and quiet.


Shoes are to be left outside, or placed into bags at the entrance.


Spacious and clean, the library is divided into several sections. There is a section for fiction, non-fiction, as well as children’s books, encyclopedias and graphic novels. The colour scheme and ambient lighting is warm and inviting.


(Right) Children’s section with colourful pouffe stools.There aren’t too many books at the moment though. They welcome donations.




You can register for a library account for free, and it only takes minutes! Just fill up a form at the counter and you can start borrowing right away.


I know I just bought a tonne of books recently but I couldn’t resist. The time limit is three weeks, so I have my work cut out for me lol. Halfway through Khaled Hosseini’s And The Mountains Echoed, which seems less depressing than his other works. (**I never did finish The Kite Runner because it was so friggin depressing. Maybe someday I will).

The thing about Malaysian libraries is that they’re not always up kept well in the long run (case in point: our National Library is just… sad) so I hope this doesn’t succumb to the same fate.


Ground Floor, Jaya One Mall, Petaling Jaya

Opening hours: 10AM – 7PM

Entrance / membership: Free



3 thoughts on “The Library In A Mall – The Selangor Public Library @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

  1. Next time I go to visit my daughter in PJ I will definitely make a visit hoping to borrow books . Will they allow to borrow on my passport and my daughter’s address I don’t know but if yes, it will definitely help me avoid loads of books in my suitcase.

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