Review: Breakfast Buffet @ Chisun Grand Nagano, Nagano City

Our first day in Japan was packed with non-stop activities, so by the time we retired to our hotel, Chisun Grand Nagano, I was too pooped to take any pictures of the room. Here’s one from their website:

credit: Chisun Grand Nagano

Does it actually look this grand? Not really. The hotel was pretty basic, but they DID have two beds so I threw all my luggage/stuff on the other one.

View from room. The hotel is close to the train station so it’s convenient for travelers.

The next morning, got up early to have buffet breakfast on the top floor. Being a barbarian, I didn’t notice that customers had removed their shoes before stepping on the tatami-ed interior until the lady rushed forward and practically shrieked at me “no shoe!” Whoops.

What a beautiful view! The city is ringed by mountains, and in the early morning, they were shrouded by low lying clouds.

Wouldn’t say they have a terribly extensive selection, but there was enough to go around. The Western corner had the usual scrambled eggs, ham, salads, etc.

The Japanese corner had pickles, soup, porridge and other staple Japanese breakfast items. Wanted to try natto but I didn’t want to have an upset stomach throughout the day.

THIS. Sukiyaki in the morning omg. The meat was tender and very thinly sliced, with a perfect balance of lean and fat. At the risk of appearing like a glutton, I went back for second and third helpings… I mean, you can’t blame me, the bowls they provided were so small. I guess that helps with portion control though – you rarely see an overweight Japanese person out on the street.

Overall the food was fresh and tasty (especially the sukiyaki) although selection was pretty limited, but not bad for a three star hotel.


Bookings: +81 26-264-6000




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