Amoy Street Bloc Party Returns to Singapore April 23 2017

Get ready for a night of street partying and fun as the much anticipated 2nd edition of Amoy St Bloc Party makes its way to the streets of Singapore this 23 April 2017! Curated by homegrown brand Spa Esprit Group, last year’s inaugural edition – New Kids on the Bloc – was a huge success and saw the busy district of Amoy transformed into a celebration of food, drinks, play and music, with over 3,000 partygoers thronging the streets.

This time around, the party starts from 3pm to 10pm – where guests can get acquainted with participating restaurants and tuck into delicious food and booze from establishments such as Ding Dong, boCHINche, Birds of a Feather, Employees Only, Le Binchotan, Burger Joint, Maggie Joan’s and Gemmills There will also be a wide variety of vendors, exciting activities and live performances in collaboration with Sunshine Nation, featuring local music acts and an exciting headliner.      

Check out stuff at the arts/culture/food bazaar.

Try to nap in random hammocks.. if you can

Meet local artisans and makers

While the official ‘ending’ time of the fest is at 10pm, revellers can still continue their party at DingDong until midnight.


I know you’ve just been waiting for this part: entrance is absolutely FREE.

So BLOC your dates !

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